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Fightfull Society

fightfull society!
never alone and all go 4 one
fight on the street’s but we never fight 4 fun
we trust just ourself’s believe in our fist
so don’t fuck with us if u still wanna live


we want the brake from the old generation
thats why we’ve got our society
we are enough from the old school perception
thats why we’ve got our
fightfull society!


enough of the lies witch stopped us in the back
we going 4 fight and we never give-a-fuck
if u want survive an not be to gone
join our society and never walk alone!


because we’ve got our dignity!
we representing free community!
our opportunity is to staying strong!
protect the places that all we belong!


never! gonna let us down!
never! even with the gun!
never! even by the cop’ss!
never! by the governement fuck’s!