Polskie Ska - Punk - warszawska kapela ska-punkowa - Dee Facto

76 Michum Rd.

so touching london days
behind my side
when was the understanding
and frienship without the lies
that’s what i long for mate
my irish bite’s
among the fouriours geezers on jack beard’s between the pint’s


so we say!
we’ve been we’ve seen together – this gate of hell
when we use to creep of lager frequentely 4 every day
we’ve made us drunk together we’ve drink’d as hell
and crucifide the strangers witch strain us and don’t beware 4 themselfs


and i just standing here
on crossroad lights
thinking of this what’s happened on that’s best time of my life...
i need to go back there
retrive my stance
breakthru the fuck’n silence – no mether of consequences...


what i left u left and we left
all of this we left behind
fighting with 5’o bobies
inspired us to the pint