Polskie Ska - Punk - warszawska kapela ska-punkowa - Dee Facto


when i look at the thousands of the unemployed hungry people
wich don’t have even fucking penny to feeds theyr’s kids
when i look at the feared faces – it’s reminds me who’s my real enemy!
it’s like a fucking mandatory suicide!
and esspecially what is pissing me off
when i see the potato-face of the duck
talking that this country is groving up economicaly?!
fuckin liar!


we still trying to survive
it comes resurrection
we still wanna stay alive
we’ll fight 4 protection


thats true that the twinkles have a lot of power
they have lot of guns police and the army
they have dept. of justuce
but did they have any compassion?
did they have any fucking shame?
did they have any humanity?
did they know what can happened soon when the people will get enough
when the anger will rise to high?!